Sunday, May 02, 2004

Sunny Days!

Oh I love the sunshine and weekends and birthdays and all the preparations and... It's been a busy but enjoyable day, save for baby being a bit poorly and restless (well otherwise things might be too perfect!!)

Tommorrow is Jacob (my eldest's) 7th birthday - WOW! Where did those 7 years go? And I was reminising whilst wrapping pressies that this time those 7 years ago I was in full swing of my 23 hour labour - and that at the end I thought little of it. Maybe I should follow Sarah's example and post up my birth stories on the web as all five of my children have been born at home and they're good stories! Anyway...So probably no post tommorrow, but Monday the 'Dads and lads' are off to Oulten Park to watch the British Superbikes Championship (not really my thing :( ) as Jake's treat/party and My Mum and I are taking the girls for a hopefully peaceful walk around Stapely Water gardens and to see the fish!!

I'm still working on the pics, but it's a server problem apparently that should be fixed in a few days, so maybe I'll be able to post some nice fishy pics up - or if Paul takes the camera they'll be motorbike pics!!

By the way Merry - and others- the blog design I downloaded was from blogskins, but I just don't know how to transfer it to my blog, or for that matter how to back up this design before I fiddle any more!
Speak Monday.

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