Saturday, May 29, 2004

Reptile Day!

Just a quickie as we have a house guest for the next few day - an old friend. We went to Stapely Water Gardens again today, but this time to the paying side as they were have a 'reptile' rescue day and had snakes and spiders etc.. on show. The boys were both unperterbed and held a baby Boa. Thought you'd like to see the pics.

Joel and baby Boa

Jacob with Baby boa

tarantula - did you realise that if you stroke one you could break it's very fragile legs, but that they can re-generate their legs when they 'shed' their skin!

red legged millipede

mantacape (?) beetle

female scorpion

praying mantis - fabulous creature!

If you want to see some more nice pics click here


Jan said...

Cool pix Caroline. Sounds like you've had a great day out

Sarah said...

Wow, looks like great fun (all except the spiders - can do reptiles - just! - and bugs, but hairy spiders are one step too far).

Do you have any pets? Last time we went to a reptile talk Anna came home wanting a snake ...

Caroline said...

Jan - it was a lovely day!
Sarah - yes we have a guinea pig and we DID have two goldfish for two weeks, but we think they had a fight and they both died. We are not having too much luck with amphibious creatures this year! Maybe we should try reptilian...! I would personally love a lizard, but rather difficult and expensive to keep I believe. Maybe one day...!

merry said...

eewwwwww... ewwww.... ugh!!!!

lol - rather you than me!