Monday, May 17, 2004

Splashing around!

Today was spent mostly in the garden - of course with such gorgeous weather. I felt so mean making the kids do school this morning, but hey - they can't have the whole summer off!! But the paddling pool was a big incentive to get work finished before the sun went in and for once it worked!! :) I did let them out for little 'tasters' throughout the morning, but I wanted their work finished before they got really wet! Boo spent most of the day (when she got home from playgroup) sat in the pool, even before the sun had really warmed it up much. I hope she doesn't catch a chill from it, but she wasn't even shivering, or in the least bit bothered by its coldness.
Isn't just lovely to see the sun after the cold winter months. I just love the freshness of the dawning summer and the sense of 'relief' I always feel that warm weather is just around the corner - for a few weeks at least!! And to get my sheets out on the line - I simply love the smell of fresh line-dried sheets - "hmmm" :)

Well we are off to Jon & Jan's tomorrow, so I might blog from there, or I might just blog when I get home and let her blog while we're there - after-all it's her house we're invading. She's very brave...with our family it really is an invasion!!


Alexia said...

Hope you had a good visit. How do you keep an eye on all those kids in the pool?

Little Minx said...

Are you supposed to watch them then? :-)

Caroline said...

Actually - it's only a small pool and there's only room for two at a time, so that's OK! really just a PADDLING pool to cool off in. Not too dangerous...and I don't watch them all the time!