Friday, May 14, 2004

I love the Library!!

During this morning 'Mums Bible Study' at my home my hubby took the boys up to the skateboard park to play on the ramps - something they've been nagging for for days, bless them. Jacob came home and gleefully informed me that he had mastered the highest ramp! I'm just glad it's their Dad who takes them -I'm not sure I could bear to watch!!
After Lunch Abbie and I went out together to the library (and to buy her a new pair of Doodles). We had a lovely couple of hours together (just her, me and the baby) and she was the perfect angel. She picked out some beautiful books to read and some good choices for her younger sister too. I pretty much left her in charge of 'girls books' while I had a hunt for books for the boys. I found a fabulous book of 'cross-sections' (no, not anything gruesome) - all sorts of things from ancient castles, to trains, boats and then of parts of the human body. It shows all the intricate workings in the most fascinating way and even has little pictures of sailors on the loo (although quite decent)! The boys were captivated and so was Daddy! I can see me hunting it down for the book shelf as a permanent. I also thought I'd try some Origami as a bit of fun with the children, so I got a book to show me how. I'll keep you posted with that one and if I can ever get my website up and running again I'll post some pics! When it came to leaving the library we filled 3 carrier bags full of books - should keep us going for a little while! I think the librarian was a little amused. Abbie was great - she handed over her library card and books like such a big girl. Then, as the lady handed them back to her, packed them one by one, ever-so carefully into her bag. She makes me so proud sometimes. :)
Sadly when we got home she was so tired with all the effort she had put in that she spent most of the rest of the evening being stroppy and tearful - ho-humm!
Tomorrow I'm going to buy her a new bike (from a charity shop) that looks almost new and is going for £15 - I hope I can get in before anyone else beats me to it. Boo is tall enough to need a bike the same size as her 5yo brother and this one is lovely and pink - she'll love it.
Well that's my day. Sorry I've not posted for a couple days. I'll try to be less patchy.


Caroline said...

I hope this font is better folks - for some reason it comes up a whole lot smaller in the real thing than in the preview. I'l try to make it just a bit bigger.

Caroline said...

There - did it!
BTW - no one made any comments about the fat intolerance thing (only about the change of Blog appearance!! - priorities (grin!!)) - did anyone have any thoughts?

Little Minx said...

I would cut out meat until much older. We didn't let ours have any until they were two as it is so difficult for the body to digest. They still have very little now. We also give little milk and what they do and have always had is semi skimmed.

I am not oficial on any of this it was just me following my instincts and has worked well for us. I have digestive troubles and eat low fat and was concerned about my children being the same. I am also very allergic to cold milk ( took 4 years of awful tests and examinations at hospitals for this one to be found) which is why we took a more european approach to milk consumption. We have very healthy children, dd5 has only ever had one cold.
I would say follow your instincts and cut out anything that you notice causes symptoms. It is very easy to replace the nutrients in other foods.