Saturday, May 22, 2004

Viking Village Pics.

Thanks for advice on where to host pics!
Here are some of the Viking Village - for education fun!!
I'll post others up later of other things.


Sarah said...

Lovely pictures ... if you right click on each one you can copy the individual web addresses and then you'd be able to put them into your blog, if you see what I mean - for example here's the code for your first one -
So you can pick that up and plonk the pics directly into your post - which is better for us lazy blog-readers ;) !!

Caroline said...

I did think of that, but they are tiny little pics and if I use the link you can view them bigger - also there were quite a few of them (but all worth blogging!) and it would have made the post very long! So just-this-once please use the link! :) I'll put pics straight on the blog if there's only a couple - promise!!