Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So, did you feel it?

I was sitting playing Puzzle Pirates when my chair started to shake and the house kinda 'clunked' - just before 01.00 this morning (ok - so don't ask why I was up so late/early playing computer games..!)

This is the first I've ever felt and it was kinda freaky. Abbie said it woke her up too. There was no noise here or anything and I wasn't scared or anything. It was just a little unnerving and you realise after the event how much adrenalin has pumped round your body in a few short seconds!

Hope everyone is OK J

Sunday, February 24, 2008

So How Did You Spend Today?

Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon on a bright February day than doing this - walking up 'School Knott' in Windermere after church - with your children ... albeit just three of them this time?

(for more pics look HERE)

I'm sorry I don't keep this very up to date atm, but life moves on at a pace.

Christmas has been and gone - and it was a lovely one this year, with my Nan joining us. The addition of a 10ft trampoline to the back garden has been an absolute God-send (thanks Mum!).

Abbie has seen her 7th birthday come and go and Phoebe turns 6 on Wednesday.

Jake was awarded 'sportsperson of the week' at school this week.

Caleb is being refered for speech therapy as, at nearly 3, he still has very limited unclear speech (although it does seem to have begun to make a little progress lately).

We are currently exploring the possiblity of Paul becoming Pastor of a small but enthusiastic Windermere Community Church. I have prayed to live in the Lakes since I was 15 and now we believe God is calling us to go to Winderemere. It's a long story and I will post more as the picture becomes clearer, but suffice to say - 20 years is a long wait, but God does hear the cries of our hearts!

I cannot personally think of anywhere I'd rather raise my family than nestled amongst those hills, and the kids (well these older two at least so far) are sold on it! It was cold and windy at points but they loved (almost) every minute of it and Boo kept uttering "this is amazing" all the way up ... and all the way down! Jake was fascinated by the water that seemed to 'spring' from nowhere all over the place, and the tarn at the top was a hit; a potential swimming pool on hot summers days! Boo asked if we could do school up there - I see no reason why not! Where better to be inspired to write and learn - so long as it is possible to keep your paper still enough to do so!! :-) God Willing... Keep us in your prayers. There a few 'technicalities' to work through, and big practicalities of a property to rent and a P/T job for Paul as the church is too small to support us F/T.