Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Little Catch-Up

Time to do a little catch-up again...

Let's start with Art ~ because it's pretty and probably the most mutually enjoyed thing that we all do together atm;

Two weeks ago we did our lesson on 'Value' (shading) and I thought it was going to be a stretch, especially for the younger children. When I told them what we were doing I was met with groans, but they very much surprised me with what they achieved- and more importantly they surprised themselves (left to right DD (8), Lilo (10) Stitch (6)) :D

Then came Mothering Sunday ~ and under Minnie's inspiration and watchful eye, ALL of the children from her down made me a card ~ and they were BEAUTIFUL!!

This week we moved on to looking at our first artist of this project ~ Sonia Delaunay. Because we are on our last week of ed' before the Easter holidays I decided we would only do half-days this week (the chids would have liked the whole week off) and this lesson filled up more than 2 hours of our morning, so that was lovely ~ just sharing space and creating beautiful art together!

(Images run oldest to youngest, starting with mine).

Other activities this week have included some cookie baking...

I can't even begin to tell you how DELICIOUS those marshmallow ones were (the other ones are choc-chip and would have been nicer thinner and with better chocolate, but they were still nice)!

The highlight of the week has possibly been the arrival of this year's flock of sheep (and lambs). They came for the first time last year, and it's lovely to have a new flock for the children to enjoy. With the arrival of 'slightly' warmer and lighter evenings we took a stroll when Daddy came home ~ just to oggle :D
I think Paul has a new calling (the lambs are still small enough to escape regularly ~ only 2 on the road tonight!)
Chip was quite determined to try and post their wool back to them...

but the wind was blowing the wrong way ~ quite funny to watch!

In other news... DD has been put up to the next level in Gym ~ now in 'Club' (with opportunity to compete at county level if he works hard enough) and his training will be pretty intense! He is super excited :D He should be there every week night and all day Saturday, only we can't do Weds, so that and Sunday will be his only days off. I've lost track exactly how many hours he will be doing now! I hope it proves worth it long-term because it really is a big deal getting him there so often! Times like this I think it would be rather beneficial if I could drive too (poor Paul). 

And in my news ~ I got a new Samsung S4! I am so happy to eventually have a phone I can carry about that takes REALLY good pictures (the ones of the baking session and of TP were taken on it, and I've just edited some of them in Lightroom with the rest of my pics).

That's all the fun stuff. I've not blogged the 'normal' this time, but that's because it all was... well... normal! ...which is a good thing most of the time :D