Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Stitch Turn Eight.

So this boy turned eight!

It was a funny sort of birthday, because he was actually away on Energi camp the actual day of it, where I believe they made a proper fuss of him and he had a lovely day (and was then sick the following day with the bug that spread through the camp and then came home - sigh). We had packed up a couple of little things for him & sent them with Abbie - a big 'it's my birthday' badge and a little transformer robot thing - just so he had something to open that day.

So on the Saturday after he came home we celebrated his 'home-birthday' with his choice of meal and opening his presents & cards.

He'd asked for this Lego helicopter, and although I was reluctant because he is rather one for loosing bits, he was thrilled, so I'm glad we did get it in the end.

He and DD have been collecting the City Police set, so these extra little characters were just for fun.

The boys then spent quite some time building together. DD was finding the bits and Stitch did all the building.

After a while DD went off, but Stitch persevered and completed the set with very little help from anyone else.

He must have been at it about 3 hours or more. It kept him busy ~ and he's kept it together since (so far).

I struggle to believe that he is already 8. Time is flying very fast.

It's already 6 years we have lived in this house ~ longer than any home we have had in the almost 20 years since we were married and certainly longer than we anticipated living here! Back then Stitch was my baby ~ only just 2 ~ how cute was he?! :D

He's still cute, in a bullish, boyish, bull-dozer kind of way :D

He really is my bruising boy and struggles to be still, or pay much attention to anything other than screens really, but he is very loving and sociable. I must admit, he drives me to distraction at times, but I love him enormously. He is very bright and clever, but has some deficit on the 'common sense' front ~ I'm hoping that's just down to being 8!

Love you Stitch xx ♥ xx