Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog Award

My friend TJ left me a blog award today ~ she's SO nice :D

So ~ 10 things that make me happy...

1 ~ Seriously...who is NOT happy when they see the blossom on the trees?!

2 ~ Toddlers ~ I simply ADORE them; they are so funny & fascinating! :)
(My 3yo is ant watching in this shot!)

3 ~ My Nanna ~ Seeing my Nanna always makes me happy!

4 ~ The Lake District ~ The most beautiful place on earth (imo). 
I hope to live there one day!

5 ~ Walking/Hiking in The Lake District with my family.
I would do this so much more if I could.

6 ~ My Husband ~ I would NOT be happy at all without him ~ he is my world!
(And Yes, that's The Lakes again!! ~ The sailing lesson made me pretty happy to actually!)

7 ~ Teenagers ~ Yes, I know they are moody and all that, but I love them ~ they are full of interesting questions, 'almost' funny jokes and have a spirit that life just hasn't knocked out of them yet :D!!

8 ~ My house ~ I LOVE my house and where I live ~ I am SO much happier now we live here, you would not believe the difference this house has made to me!

9 ~ But a medium rare steak, handcut chips and a glass of medium dry white wine ~ from this pub! ~ Seriously the BEST steak you'll ever taste!! :D

10 ~ Open fires and toasting marshmallows (then dipping them in melted chocolate of course!) ~ how happy does that make you!

I could think of many, many other things that make me happy (#11 ~ would be watching my children learning something new every day as I home educate them), but I was only allowed 10!! :D

Thanks TJ for this ~ it's good to be reminded of things that are good in our lives!

Now to pass on the award to some bloggers who make me happy (not sure if there was a limit to how many, but hey-ho..!

 P.S. Dont' feel you have to make it a picture post ~ that's just my thing :)

Jax ~ from LiveOtherwise
Helen ~ from PetitHaricots
Alison ~ from The Portico
Michelle ~ from To The Manor Born
Tristan ~ from Our Busy Homeschool.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

NEC Youth Dance ~ "Soldiers" (Out of Eden)

Minnie back left in green 3/4 lengths & bunches :D, Bugs far front right behind piano (barely visible) in purple t-shirt

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Trentham Monkey Forest

We had a lovely family day out :D