Saturday, June 07, 2014

Water Fight and Family Time

Just some time in the garden with the children yesterday...

Happy 40th Birthday to You....

On Thursday Paul celebrated his 40th birthday ~ by going to work!
But his workmates honoured him, and the managers bought him a lovely watch!

While he was at work the children worked hard at making sure things were a bit special when he got home.

Minnie made him a birthday banner and we all selected the pictures to put on it.
The children each wrote a message on a flag too.

Minnie and Lilo spent time in the kitchen making home-made Rocky Road - 40 of them in individual cup-cake cases!! (They were delicious)

DD, Stitch and Chip spent a couple of days making a special arty card (had to wait for the first part to dry) and were very pleased with it - once we convinced Chip to give his 'D' up!

Lilo made her own card and I helped her add a picture to that too.

Taz had done the 'shopping' and bought a card from the chids who hadn't made one, so that was his contribution to the effort,

and poor Jake was so busy with college and work he didn't really have any time to 'do' anything special, so he just got the job of taking the pictures of Dad blowing out his candles :D

We'd all decided that curry would be the dish of Dad's choosing, but whereas I prefer to make it from scratch, HE prefers it from a jar ~ so we had Pataks Tikka Masala (chicken) & rice.

To accompany the Rocky-Roads we also had chocolate fondue ... or at least it would have been fondue if I'd not run out of meth's for the burner, but it was the same recipe anyway ... with strawberries and marshmallows.

Happy Birthday young man!! :D

One thing that putting together 'prints' of Paul did show me was that I don't take enough of him (he's not too keen), and what I do take is mostly of him and Chip. There are hardly any of him with his girls or his older sons ... this needs to be rectified I feel ;-)