Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Lilo!

Another Year gone by...

The day after her birth.
9lb 10oz ~ my biggest baby to date (and latest 43weeks!)

2 months old

1st Birthday

New Year 05

Christmas 05

May 06 (3 1/2)

25th Nov 07

Sept 08

27th Nov 09

A few weeks ago...

Yes, my Crazy Daisy is 7 tomorrow! ~ Happy Birthday sweet-pea :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Few Schooly Pics…


It’s business as usual here…well almost! The children are keeping themselves pretty busy and I’m chipping in when & where I feel up to it! There is plenty of learning happening though Open-mouthed smile



Funonminoes (or Mathominoes if you like)

Lilo, TP & DD played this today ~ Lilo and DD did amazingly well Open-mouthed smile


Tux Paint ~ “The Singer”, by Lilo (age almost 7)



More Tux-Paint… Spontaneous ‘charting’ (also by Lilo)

Today she made a chart of the whole family (the ‘l’s are supposed to be ‘J’s and the last ‘n’ is for ‘new-baby’!)

It shows favourite colour, favourite food and favourite animal Smile ~ so I am ‘m’ purple, steak and lizard!

Ok ~ so the drawings are not so easy to understand, but I love that she did this entirely without prompting or help!!


Lilo has also completed the first half of Headsprout and essentially is reading. I’ve told her she’s got to stop saying “I can’t read.” now as it simply isn’t true anymore! I’m hoping she will realise just how much she CAN read now and start using her skills more. She does seem to be quite pleased with her progress, but still has a strong tendency towards guessing and trying to memorise, rather than putting in the effort to actually read! I’m looking forward to working with her on ‘non’ Headsprout books, but she’s not quite ready to make that jump yet.

She has always loved stories, so as a little ‘aside’ we are working on a picture/story book together. She writes one sentence each time and draws an accompanying picture ~ I take some photos for next time, but for someone who ‘can’t read’ it’s brilliant!!

Maths wise she’s nearly at the end of Miquon Orange, which I think is pretty good. When she completes it we will quickly run through Singapore 1A , and maybe B, depending how she gets on with it, but she loves Miquon (and it really suits her), so we’ll be keen to get back and start red I know!

DD continues to do really well with his maths too ~ I decided to use Mammoth Maths (grade 1)with him and it seems to be suiting him well. It’s slow and steady, but he can manage a couple of pages a day almost without my help.

His letter-learning is slow but steady too, but his writing is very neat Open-mouthed smile

Apart from the little ones, there’s been crafting (Minnie made a really nice bracelet with safety pins and beads) and lots of Jigsaw Puzzling! DD can now quite easily complete 100 pieces, as can Lilo (she could probably do more really). And Minnie and Bugs have both worked on some 500 piece puzzles these last couple of weeks, which we have all enjoyed pitching in with Smile

Minnie is about to set about making a ‘terrarium’ for her science, but she’s waiting for a warm enough day to go out and dig up LOTS of worms! Lesson Pathways is working really well for her for Science and she needs only a little guidance from me every now and then as to what activities are best to do.

Stitch gets PLENTY of attention from the others ~ he’s have it no other way! Here he is today playing on Peppa Pig on the Wii (just because he’s gorgeous!)...

Stitch ~ 2

And Paul has dyed his hair blue for Children in Need!

Blue ~ for Children In Need!

And all this while we wait, not so patiently, for the new arrival Winking smile