Saturday, June 08, 2013

Summer School

I love it when at last the days warm up and 'school' gets to move outside ~ and in reality becomes a whole lot less 'schooly' :D. The days are longer, and everything is more 'stretchy' and relaxed.
Here's a glimpse of a day or so this week ~ the rest was pretty much on a theme!

Creative Play
Bob the Builder comes to school!

Sewing (making a sock monkey for Paul's birthday) ~ 
her first entirely hand sewn toy ~ no help from me :D

I.T. ;-)

Art ~ DD decided to draw his bike on the yard (which was just to his right).
Nature Study

Social Interaction!!

So there you have it ~ 'school' chez FrogAcademy in the sunshine!

BTW ~ was pointed towards this great link this week ~ take a look :D FREE is always good!! It's already helping me brush up on my VERY rusty Spanish & TP has signed up for Italian :D