Thursday, February 22, 2007


Just wanted to post up this fabulous link - it got Joel saying he 'enjoyed' mathes for the first time in.... It must be good! And it really, really is. For all you Singapore Maths users out there, especially those of you on Level 3 and above, go check it out. It really helped Joel to 'see the point' of models and how best to use them. We are still working our way through everything they already have there for us, and then we can customise to make up our own problems after that, so I see us getting LOTS of use out of it yet :-)'>

Thursday, February 15, 2007

At Long Last...

I thought I'd get around to posting a blog entry, but as most of you seem to have given up on me in blogland I guess I might be the sole reader anyhow :-(

Life ticks on -as does my pregnancy. I am now 25+ weeks by my dates, but as my scan put me forward twelve days I could be as much as 27wks! I was never very sure of my dates, so who really knows, but given my history of lateness I'd rather stick with my dates!

Kids are all doing fine. Phoebe is struggling to learn letters. She tells me she wants to learn to read, even though I really think she is still not ready. However, I have been introducing her to beginning and ending sounds and starting to work slowly on learning her letters. It took us two weeks to do a,b,c,d & e and she hasn't really got a firm grasp of them yet either. We are using and their materials and education city (of course) . I'm saving Jolly Phonics just yet as it is quite fast paced (I think) and she is not there yet. I'm really just killing time and waiting for September, by which time I think she might be ready - here's hoping!

Joel has completed 3A in Singapore maths, but I want to spin him out a little before we start 3B because I think he will race through that too (it's the more 'fun stuff' and therefore easier). I can't believe that my 8yo can do long division!!

Abbie is making good progress too and at last I can see that maths in particular is beginning to make more sense to her. I don't think it's ever going to be her strong point, but if she can get by I'll be happy. Her English skills are fantastic for her age and she is even beginning to join up in her handwriting :-)

All the oldest three have completely emersed themselves in my ACWW and the reading is good practice for Boo. We already have the third level house! I have bought Brain Training too, but suprisingly the boys are not so keen on that - they need to bring out one for kids because the fact that it assesses them as '80' is a bit discouraging for them! I'd love to be able to motivate them to do quick-fire maths and reading, etc... on the Nintendo, but at an age appropriate level.

We got DS Little Mermaid out the library for Phoebe yesterday (it's really sweet) as she was missing out and need something she could do on Mummy's game!

There's not really a great deal else to blog. It's been a nice half-term so far and the kids have managed to keep themselves busy for the most part - either at home with friends around, or out at friend's houses :-) I did take them all into town yesterday (with my Mum as helper) as they were fantastically well behaved. Joel spent his Christmas money on a mobile phone (sigh - my 8yo has a mobile!) and credit for it and Jake spent some of his pocket money on sweets!! The girls were a little more sensible, but we are going to Chester on Saturday to spend the bulk of their money (with the addition of their Birthday money), so we'll see what we come home with... I know P. wants to get a pair of 'Jasmin' shoes from the Disney store - so that will use up a big chunk of hers. She got the rest of the outfit for Christmas.

Oh, I know - another piece of BIG news - Paul passed his driving test last Thursday (first time if you discount the test he took at 17)!! So we are now officially mobile, but in reality not until we can get the car we own on the road. It has stood on our drive for 2 years now (it was given us) and we are not even sure it is going to be road-worthyable, but if it can be sorted then we will have ourselves a Ford Mondeo - which at least fits half our family in!! I guess it's my turn next - Hmmm - not so sure about that!

I'm going to take and post up some piccies of Joel's "Grinch" lapbook and the girl's "Merry Christmas" lapbook we did later this evening - on my
Bubbleshare site (it's the easiest to use) - better late than never!!

Last thing - Abbie had her birthday. She's 6 now - WOW! and P. is about to turn 5 in a few days time. I can't believe my little princesses are growing so fast :-( !