Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog Award

My friend TJ left me a blog award today ~ she's SO nice :D

So ~ 10 things that make me happy...

1 ~ Seriously...who is NOT happy when they see the blossom on the trees?!

2 ~ Toddlers ~ I simply ADORE them; they are so funny & fascinating! :)
(My 3yo is ant watching in this shot!)

3 ~ My Nanna ~ Seeing my Nanna always makes me happy!

4 ~ The Lake District ~ The most beautiful place on earth (imo). 
I hope to live there one day!

5 ~ Walking/Hiking in The Lake District with my family.
I would do this so much more if I could.

6 ~ My Husband ~ I would NOT be happy at all without him ~ he is my world!
(And Yes, that's The Lakes again!! ~ The sailing lesson made me pretty happy to actually!)

7 ~ Teenagers ~ Yes, I know they are moody and all that, but I love them ~ they are full of interesting questions, 'almost' funny jokes and have a spirit that life just hasn't knocked out of them yet :D!!

8 ~ My house ~ I LOVE my house and where I live ~ I am SO much happier now we live here, you would not believe the difference this house has made to me!

9 ~ But a medium rare steak, handcut chips and a glass of medium dry white wine ~ from this pub! ~ Seriously the BEST steak you'll ever taste!! :D

10 ~ Open fires and toasting marshmallows (then dipping them in melted chocolate of course!) ~ how happy does that make you!

I could think of many, many other things that make me happy (#11 ~ would be watching my children learning something new every day as I home educate them), but I was only allowed 10!! :D

Thanks TJ for this ~ it's good to be reminded of things that are good in our lives!

Now to pass on the award to some bloggers who make me happy (not sure if there was a limit to how many, but hey-ho..!

 P.S. Dont' feel you have to make it a picture post ~ that's just my thing :)

Jax ~ from LiveOtherwise
Helen ~ from PetitHaricots
Alison ~ from The Portico
Michelle ~ from To The Manor Born
Tristan ~ from Our Busy Homeschool.


Yellow House said...

I just popped over from TJ's blog. The pictures you chose are gorgeous! The blue skies behind the pub... wow!

Melissa said...

Thank you Caroline so much for this award! You are such a kind bloggy friend, so very talented, and wow! so blessed to be where you are in life! Congratulations on this award, you so deserve it!

T.J. said...

Yay, why this whole post made me happy, Caroline :) It was especially wonderful to see your charming house and your adorable husband. I feel well rounded now knowing your children, husband and lovely abode!! And the lake district- how could any one be unhappy there? It looks stunning!

Ellie's Treasures said...

What a fabulous selection and such beautiful photos too. Elaine

HelenHaricot said...

hi, i have done it, but without pictures!

Mama Zen said...

What amazing pictures!

Anonymous said...

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