Wednesday, May 05, 2004

A Day Off for Me!!

Wa-hay! I had a day off from schooling today curtesy of a doctors appointment at 10am, so hubby took over school with lots of detailed instructions. He did a good job, although why is it that men never seem to fuss over the intricusies (?spell), like making sure my cac-handed lefty (I'm a lefty too - so that's not meant as a put down to lefties) holds his pencil correctly and tips his page to prevent him holding his hand above his paper. So when I came home and immediatly corrected this I was not welcomed by my son - "Mummy is a bossy boots!!" - He hates not being able to hold his pencil and paper the way he wants to, but I think it's important he learn correctly now to help him in the future. Handwritting is one of my bug-bears I think!!

Why is it also that my 7 year old just cannot seem to concentrate on the task in hand - even with good incentives. Today he took almost 2 hours to complete what have taken him less than 1 hour (20 minutes for five sums and it wasn't that he couldn't do the maths because with Daddy watching over him he could do 10 in about a minute!) ... too much daydreaming. Aaah well...

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