Sunday, May 23, 2004

Swimming Achievements.

Jacob got his 25 & 50m distance badges at swimming today. He did both on his back, but I was proud of him! My children are making a habit of making me proud these last few days - best be careful! AND Jacob made me a really sweet card today with a gorgeous petal inside it from one of the flowers in our garden, which is shaped like a heart. Sweetie - this is a rare thing for him to do. I must be doing something right just now!!?

petal card.

Other than that just a nice day with the babes playing outside in the sunshine again. Phoebe was desperate to see some animals today - a whole day without was just too hard for her! But unfortunately she was also desperately tired, so I'm afraid her nap was priority today. Maybe we can go feed the ducks tomorrow. That's as near to animals as you get around here! :(


Jules said...

Congratulations to Jacob on his swimming achievements, that is wonderful news :-) No wonder you are so proud!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely card - so thoughtful.