Monday, May 10, 2004

Making Progress!!

I think maybe one of these days I might just manage to get through without having to nag my 7yo through his work....but when?!!

Other than that it's been a nice day;
Jacob (7yo) has gone a up a level in his swimming lessons, about which we are both pleased.
The sun has shone for the best part and we managed to clean out the guinea-pig - a job the children seem to always strangely enjoy!
My 2yo (Phoebe) hung around Daddy all day (poor Daddy), but sadly had three potty-training accidents :(
My 3yo (Abigail) showed off how much learning she is absorbing from being around school - she apparently knows several of her letters (especially A for Abbie) and is beginning to recognise her numbers too. :)
My 5yo (Joel) astounded me by reeling of about 20 sight words with no hesitation! :) We have made a 'winter' tree that we add a leaf to for each sight word he learns, so that it becomes a 'summer' tree as his reading blossoms (the leaves each have a word written on them so he can continue to see them) - it's a fabulous visual display of how much he is learning - for both of us!!

So all in all a happy day, but some how I still feel a bit flat - maybe because of the remnants of the cold (it seems to have gone quite fast) and a headache lingering around.

I've been playing with the new blog templates tonight. There's one I really like, but if I use it I loose all my past comments and I can't seem to customise it as I'd like. The HTML is a little more cryptic it appears and I can't find all the tags, so I've reverted to this one for now, but you might find things change again if I can master it!

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