Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Schooling in the Yard!

Today we tried it for the first time - it went OK, although Jacob strangely chose to work inside for the best part - funny child!!
The smalls just had fun playing when they got back from their morning at 'Seedlings' with my friend.
I love these sunny days...my house stays so much tidier, the mess and the noise stay so much more outside, the children stay happier (on the whole!) and I have more energy - why is that?
Pics for your pleasure!

If only there were grass...

school in the yard

Mummy Phoebe - the Tiny Tears had to have a hat too!

just because...!


Jan said...

Lovely pictures Caroline. I especially like the one of Phoebe and her doll!

Jax said...

Yeah, the sun shines helps me a lot too - but it was a grey day here today.