Sunday, May 16, 2004

Educational Sunday

Yeah I know I'm posting a day late, but it's easier to separate the days.

After church today (Sunday) and a quick sandwich lunch (that took best part of two hours!!) we bustled up to Reaseheath College for their open day. It was 3pm by the time we arrived so we only had a couple of hours to explore. Sadly we had missed most of the 'displays' by then but there were a few interesting things to see. The best bit that we all enjoyed was the 'Viking village'.I think this is probably the first bit of 'history' Jacob and Joel have really tasted. It was fantastically done in a few square feet of grassy woodland. They had: weaponry (swords, chain-mail, round shields,etc . ; food (mostly already consumed and apparently very tasty, but the remains looked very un-appetizing - pea & ham soup) and displays so you could see how food was stored & preserved (like butter wrapped in spinach leaves and dried prunes); a grinding stone which Phoebe was fascinated by and looked like she had rolled in flour after she had finished playing with it!; 'husband-man' and 'wifen-man' (which apparently originally meant 'farmer' and 'weaver' respectively) and a 'lord'. There had been a battle earlier, which we missed :( The 'wounded' warrior was sleeping, so the boys thought he was dead!! One of the guys gave us quite a schpeal, mostly over the boys heads really, but I was able to remember a good portion of it to relay back to them at a more understandable level later on (and much later again I hope). I really wished I'd had a dictaphone hidden in my pocket!!
I took some great pics - but still no web server, so you'll have to wait patiently for those I'm afraid :(

Can anyone recommend somewhere to host my pictures - for free preferably


Little Minx said...

cool day out!

I host my photos from it's free and really easy!

Alexia said...

I get space free with aol - but I can't make them go on my blog, so I've just got the 1 picture that Kirsty did for me.