Monday, May 24, 2004

School in the Yard

Not much to blog today, only that we bought a family picnic bench and a kiddy picnic bench (you know - the sort like you see in the parks), so from now on we can have school outside in the sunshine! :) Oh, the priviledge of home-schooling. While other children are closeted in a classroom under fluorescent lighting, mine can be in the garden (such as is) in God's natural light (so much better for their eyes) and enjoying the beauty of bird-song and trees, creepy crawlies and other such distractions - and hopefully getting some work done too!! At least I can use the threat of 'inside' as a motivator!


Alison said...

Oh, I like those child-sized picnic benches (have coveted one ever since they got that one at Doorstep Alexia!), but last time I looked - a few years ago admittedly - they were really expensive. Where did you get yours? And was it a reasonable price?

Little Minx said...

I love them too but dh said no!

I saw them at the weekend at a garden centre in Crawley for about £25.

Caroline said...

Benches - £17.99 from Woolworths!! They also do little parasols to go down the middle, but we are waiting for them to come into stock. At the moment we have the beach parasol in ours which works OK :)
I remember them being expensive too, about £70 in the Great little Trading Company catalogue. Probably better quality, but this is fine for the children and pre-treated too. I too have spent three years looking at them in Woolworths and each year they come down a little in price, so this year I mananged to talk Paul into it, after-all there are 5 children to make use of it and it means we get our table to ourselves :) !

Alison said...

Oh, bargain!
Right, off to Woolies! :)