Thursday, April 29, 2004

I'm Sooooo Tired!!

Well my pics have disappeared - hopefully temporarily - my webhost has decided not to accept my password and I was try to add some more. Some how it lost the ones it already had?!

I've toned down the colours in the blog - at Merry's request - hope that's better now - I like it more too!

It's been a productive day. Jacob managed to catch-up with what he missed on Tuesday and we finished the week 'on schedule' - I like that!! But the baby kept me awake last night from 4am onwards, coupled with no hubby around until late tonight, I'm wiped!! Somedays I just feel like collapsing in a heap and leaving all the mess til' the morning, but instead I 'time-out' here for a bit before I try to muster the energy to go unload/reload the dishwasher and wipe down the kitchen from the days doings!

One frustrating moment today...Joel asked me to do the craft activity suggested in his Jolly Phonics book - making a cut out cuckcoo clock. I 'm not one to enjoy craft, but dutifully (and lovingly) prepared the drawing for him to cut out and make into something beautiful. Earlier he had coloured a lovely picture of a cuckcoo clock in neatly and I had high hopes for a nice piece of 'art', but no - he scribbled over the whole thing in brown - clock face, surround, pendulum and all - I was fuming! Why did he ask to make it and then when it came to it he really couldn't be bothered to take care? I hate to confess I was SO cross at the wasted time and effort and his disrespect for my careful efforts that I binned it :( I know I probably should not have done that, but I think it did show him how hurt /cross I was and might mean a more careful effort from him in the future. I did explain to him WHY I was hurt and why I had binned it. Still...can't help thinking I shouldn't have?!

Other than that quite a good day in all - the boys even tidied their room well tonight without me having to nag too much!

And ends another h/s week. Tomorrow is unschool day again and I think I'm planning NOTHING!! What comes about will and what doesn't...well...we didn't miss it!!

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