Thursday, April 29, 2004

Another Day over

Well the day's work never quite got finished! Jacob came to a grinding stop after a comprehension exercise and begged to go to bed for a nap - bless him - although he was devastated when I made remark that if he was too tired to finish his school-work he was also too tired to play on the playstation! (The PS1 is a reward for work finished well). He really did need that nap though. I often wonder how he would ever cope at school - he would be permantly tearful and exhausted I'm sure. At least at home we can 'allow' for tiredness and catch up for lost time at our own pace. It amazed me though that Joel, the younger one, managed to soldier his way through his work relatively uncomplaining despite also being very tired. He was rewarded with PS time - making it even tougher on his bro' I'm sad to say :( (if any of you are wondering why my boys were so tired today - they didn't get to bed until almost 11pm last night after the day in Prestatyn!!)
Ah well - best to bed myself now- another long day ahead tomorrow - Paul won't be home til' late I'm sure. I don't know about the old addage that "behing every man there's a great women" - I know that behind me there is a great man and I struggle when he's not here!

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