Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Motivation Issues.

Been away over the weekend to my niece's dedication in Birmingham. We had a lovely time with all our immediate family (on my hubby's side) there - seldom happens - he is one of four and we are all spread around the country now. But what is about exciting weekends - it always makes school seem so unexciting to the children! Strangely my youngest seems to have sussed that one school is done he gets to play and despite his tiredness applied himself well today. My eldest however took nearly twice as long as he needed to to complete his given tasks. When eventually he realised that the work was NOT optional he knuckled down and finished quickly, but why is it so often a fight to get to that point? I even mentioned the 'school' word today! Not as a threat (I've been there before and don't believe in empty threats), but as a question to him;
"Would you like to go to school? You'd still have to do the work - and probably more - and you wouldn't get to play in the sunshine nearly so much. You wouldn't get home til' almost 4pm and then you'd have homework to do too..., but if you want to go...! Do you like homeschool? "
answer "yes"
"then help me to like it too by getting your work done without me having to nag you so!!"

Conversation over - he got on with his work!! - Ho hum!!!!

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