Thursday, April 22, 2004

Homeschooling Bliss!

Well school day over by 3pm and all the babies napping - sometimes happens, other times...! Bear in mind that we start school at 9.30 and intersperse with long run breaks - especially when the sun is as lovely as today!

Joel (5) announced to me today that he wanted to try to read his books all by himself so that he can work at his desk without me - well, at least the spirit is willing!!

On our way to collect my oldest daughter (Abbie) from playgroup we had a wonderful sensory lesson. We encountered so many different smells - sweet smelling blossom, wet mud and a lorry full of old sillage!

My eldest son made a mistake when measuring out a 20cm square on a sheet of A4, instead of saving it for scrap drawing paper, he scrunched it and threw it away. I commented that when we waste paper it's like wasting trees because that's where paper comes from. He was astounded!! And of course asked "HOW? How do you get paper from trees?" - looks like there's another project in the making!! Sometimes I wish I kept my mouth shut - it makes for a whole lot more research, but then it also makes for a whole lot more FUN!! I never thought I'd seee myself on the 'child-led' path and on the whole I do restrain from straying onto it, but every now and then the urge to shed restraints just gets to me and we stray 'off-the-path' for a while (thought you'd like one Jan!).

Home-school truely is an adventure and I enjoy it more with each passing term. As the children become more interested in learning they also become more interestING and rewarding to teach.
A positive day on all counts I'd say , but be warned...they're not all this lovely!!

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