Tuesday, July 04, 2006


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5 things in my fridge
  1. Fresh Spinach and other lovely salad stuff – lots of it for my diet (I get salad every night instead of carbs!)

  2. Lots of jars of cooking sauces – teriyaki and the like, for making things taste good!

  3. ‘Optifit’ – live liquid yoghurt daily drink – mainly for Jake, to up his protein levels in the mornings

  4. Home-made play-dough :)

  5. Lots of left-overs from pervious meals – including tonight’s salmon for Jake to finish tomorrow!
5 things in my handbag;
  1. Drawstring changing bag containing 2 disposable nappies and some wipes (yup, I use junk when I’m out too, but it really only is Sunday’s because we are never out for very long otherwise)

  2. Couple of spare pairs of knickers for El’s – don’t know why those are still there. I can’t remember the last time she had an accident out, but better to be prepared!

  3. My handbag sized brolly (funky purple one :)  )

  4. Cheque book

  5. Purses – two sizes; one average size with all my ‘stuff’ cards and large notes in, the other a grab and run pocket-sized one for loose change and one card if I need it (this is really handy and the one I use the most)
5 things in my Wardrobe;
  1. Too many clothes – even after a massive clearout!

  2. A box of muslin squares (which are hardly used these days)

  3. A box of ‘spare’ toiletries – like when the toothpaste is 2 for 1, but you really only need 1!

  4. A massage thing that is really not very good and I should get rid of, but it was a Christmas present, so it feels a bit soon!

  5. And on top – baskets of E & C’s pj’s and E’s knickers and tights
5 things in my car;
Well despite not driving we do have one, which is used for storage really, ‘cause we need seats for mum’s car. It has in it;
  1. Three car seats on the back seat

  2. A spare car seat cover
In the boot;
  1. another car seat,

  2. spare buggy

  3. Karrimore baby back carrier
And that’s it!
5 people I’m tagging;
Now this is the tough bit as a lot of my links are out of date and some of you have renamed (I was out of the loop for a while), and those I do know have been already tagged, but I’ll do my best!
Some of these are blogs I’m new to, so if you don’t know me, come visit me more!  But a lot of my old haunts now have passwords that I don’t know :(


Little Minx said...

Let me know by emsil if you want my passwords.

Roslyn xx

~*~ Linda ~*~ said...

Thanks for the tag! Thats the first time I've been tagged this year - woo hoo! ;-)

Nice blog, although I'm sure I've been here before, must come back and read again :o)

Lin (Breeze) x

Caroline said...

I'd love your passwords Ros, but I don't have your email... so could you email it to me please :)pcjjap@wellyboots.fsnet.co.uk - cheers :)