Friday, July 14, 2006

Busy Bustly Day

Today started with the usual Friday Bible study – 13 children, 6 adults (yes, we have a high child-parent ratio!) The children were pretty noisy and squabbly this morning, which is not the usual way of things, but hey – they can’t always all get along! Despite the noise Caleb slept all morning and right through lunchtime.
After the group my friend S invited herself to lunch with her two boys. She usually does stay, but today I needed to get sorted quickly and get out into town, so I hoped when I said “right, I’m just going to throw some lunch together and get out” she might get the hint! But she said “is that alright?” and promptly stayed!! I didn’t quite have the heart, but I wish I had of had because it did delay us (not that we are ever very quick out the door) and I wasn’t home in time for Jacob – poor love. He had to wait in the garden for ten minutes when he got home from school. He said he was bored (and was a bit cross too I think) – I said he could have used the time to read his school book (no answer to that one!). Anyway, so after lunch we had to rush into town to return a couple of things to the library and get a present for Joel’s best friend whose party it was this afternoon. We ended up with pirates of the Caribbean mega-blocks (lego stuff) set and a ‘Cars’ board game book (from The Works). Plus ‘Cars’ – the book of the film – for Joel to read, and some sticky dots (anyone ever used those? I thought I’d give them a try with the next lapbook assembly, though they are not cheap really). Then a nip into the chemist for Omega 3 and Vitamins for the kids. Rush, rush, rush back home. Arrive 4pm. Wrap present and write card in haste and get back out at 4.30 to take Boo swimming. Joel got a lift from a friend thankfully. All home – tea, bath, bed – Phew day over!! Oh no, Ellie decided to have a major stubborn strop over simply asking nicely for her dummy. She has got into a habit of just saying “please Daddy”, or “please Mummy” when she wants something and leaving us to guess what she wants! She might say “I want dummy”, but will not tag the two phrases together. She is perfectly capable (she can say “actually I do want my tea. Actually I do want my pudding, but I can’t chew my tea.” – so no speech problems there!!) So today I decided to tackle “can I have my juice please Mummy” – or any arrangement of the said words, but so long as it was a sentence that made clear sense. She did it this morning, after an initial strop. Second time she volunteered it herself and got praised for it, but tonight would she ask for her dummy properly? Oh No! She stropped and stressed and paddied in our room for well over 20 minutes. We went back repeatedly to give her a chance. Both of us tried and she was having none of it. We did wonder if we were being cruel, but to be fair on ourselves, she was simply being plain stubborn. She has a will of iron!! When threatened with Daddy finally leaving the room and not returning she did break and ask properly. She knew all along what was required of her! Amazing little spirit she has. And I am pleased she can be so strong, it might stand her in good stead in adulthood, but she does need to learn submission to those that love her at least!

Tonight I’ve trotted round a few blogs and then written my own. It’s a busy weekend ahead. Ballet twice tomorrow and then Boo has her exam on Sunday afternoon (straight after church) – exciting! She’s looking pretty prim when she practices now :-) Fortunately tennis is stopped for the summer now, so that’s one less pressure anyway.


~*~ Linda ~*~ said...

Good luck to Boo for Sunday. :o)

Caroline said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hope Boo's exam went well