Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunshine all the Way :)

This morning started out with a lovely service at church. It was the end-of-year Sunday School Celebration and Prize-giving service today. The children had lots to do; singing, reading, dancing, acting – it was great and they all did really well. Weird to think that come September Phoebe is old enough to join the older Sunday School classes now. She was a tiny baby when we first came, not even old enough to leave in crèche! Now even Caleb stays out in crèche without me – they are growing so fast :-(

Immediately after the service Boo and I walked up to the community centre where she does her ballet. We ate our lunch together there; cous-cous tossed in butter, with butter-fried chicken, garlic, onions and olives – it was delicious! Then the job of spamming back her hair into a bun without the use of any hair products (no thankyou, we don’t want that alopecia to return!) – thank goodness for olive oil! That and Kirby grips did the job well enough :-)

Kim (their teacher) said that the girls all danced beautifully and even the bits they usually forget, or that look untidy they danced beautifully today – Well done those girls! Then came the long, hot 30 minute walk home in the blazing sunshine. We took it really slowly. I can see why nobody hurries much in hot countries – it’s simply impossible!

Once home everyone had an hours kip before the evening round of activities began. Boo and Joel played mousetrap for a bit after their rest (forgot to ask them who won), but I went back to church before they finished that game. It was a lovely service this evening. We held it outside, under the shade of some beautiful trees that we have the privilege of in the grounds. When I came home the children were all fed, watered and mostly in their PJ’s, watching Prince of Egypt (a big favourite in our house on a Sunday). Then all that was left to do was bath the babies and wash the oil from Abbie’s hair, read stories and tuck them into bed.

All in all a very pleasant day :-) I don’t think I’ve had to really raise my voice to anyone today and that is a rarity. Mind you, I was out for a fair bit of the day, so maybe it doesn’t really count!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…


Jax said...

Sounds a lovely day - the sun does help, doesn't it?

Caroline said...

it did today for sure, but sometimes it makes me dead grumpy!