Tuesday, July 25, 2006

School in Pictures,
because it's too hot to type much and I'm grumpy with the heat!
But I will say - Joel got 90% in his end of 'Grammar Skills' test today - I'm very pleased with him of course. It means he has remembered the majority of the year's work :-)
Abbie finished Earlybird Singapore today too - ready for 1A next year...not sure really...might have to do a bit more Miquon first, or I can see too much shouting on my part close up ahead!
Completed our plants project - YEAH!! At Last!! Now to assemble it all somehow...hmmm...that's a challenge!
Tommorrow - Weather to finish, plus last two pages of 'Write about my World', transitional 'Stile' books (one page of each book) and the last little bit of PM 2B, book 1. I Might let Boo go play with Phoebe (keep them out of my hair!), she's pretty much done really and even her handwriting is at a suitable stopping point for the year. Maybe just a little bit of maths spread about through the day - just to finish off the addition and subtraction section of Miquon red. That would take us up to multiplication, which would be a good 'revision' place to start back next term.
Turns out Jake has school on Thursday as well - poor little guy!

Phoebe beautiful colouring of Eddy's fish.
She really takes pride in her colouring and thinks about the colours. Notice the splashes of green on the side of the bowl - that's the algae that she always sees on the side of our tank!

Two strawberry cakes, one chocolate and one "rasperry,dark chocolate,strawberry, milk chocolate, orange and ribena" cake (notice the colours of the stripes on that last cake!)

Ellie hard at work with alphabet matching today
(this set was mine as a child!!)

All the 'school kids' hard at work.

Boo is playing on 'Arthurs reading games' and doing very well :)

Ellie still working on that puzzle...

Just look at the look on her face - such pride! :-)

As if that weren't enough of a challenge - on to the puzzles...

More gorgeous looks of achievement when she completed an eight piece puzzle all by herself :)


Katy said...

lovely. I love the day in pics sort of posts, it gives a real feel for how things went

lucy said...

love all the pics :)

Jules said...

Oooh, great piccies, thanks for sharing them with us hun :-)

~*~ Linda ~*~ said...

Beautiful photos, your children look so angelic. :-)

But how, how, how do you keep it all so tidy?

Caroline said...

they are so NOt angelic, but they are treasures (actually Phoebe is quite angelic really) and tidy...I'm fanatical because I have to be with six children in a not too huge house. I need to know where things are or else i go loopy and i hate the time I waste looking for 'stuff'. I have boxes and or shelves for everyting and every box has a home and preferably a label too! I grew up in a house of choas, clutter and disorganisation - I hated it and so I am as much the opposite as I can be within the limitations of my house and family. But that's just me. I actually don't mind other folks clutter - it's kind of comforting in it's own way! Strange person I am :)