Sunday, July 23, 2006



Was a very lop-sided day! After a busy morning we had a very quiet afternoon.

Paul was out for the whole day at a Trustees meeting for a local charity he is part of (CCC) and Jacob went off with friends to a birthday party - to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean” at the cinema and go to Pizza Hut. This left me with 5 others to troop the 35 minute walk up to ballet, so the girls could be part of a mini-show for us parents :) I did it more for their sake than mine in reality, as I’ve seen the dances a hundred times in recent weeks, what with exams and all! But it was nice to see how well Phoebe is doing too - it looks like she has some good potential, more than I thought Boo had at first.

Then of course we had to come back again! But not before a trip to the play-park across the road.

Then the afternoon was kind of empty! Phoebe asked me to read to her, which I dutifully did, but found myself slurring my words and nodding off. When the children all started bickering I decided they were hot and tired, so we all had a fairly lengthy nap (perhaps more for my benefit that theirs, but hey!) Anyway, I’m sure it did us all good. I’m not sure if Joel napped - I think probably not - I think he played with his magnetix, but that’s OK.

Jake stayed out for tea, at another friend’s house (good that he is so popular!), but came home just as we were going to eat - it ended up being a bit of a late tea in the end. That said the kids were still all in bed by 8.30pm - giving me lots of time to do the church newssheet, sort out my blog (which had gone really funny in IE due to me tweeking it in FF!), read around and play a bit (see last night’s entries!) and not go to bed until 4am!! (ooops - promised P. I’d go to bed with him last night and said  I wouldn’t be long when he went at 12.30am!!)

On the blog note. I can’t get my blog to consistently look right in FF, so if you are having problems viewing it in FF, I’ve found a little add-on which will allow you to view it in IE - in FF (if you get my drift?). In FF it looks VERY plain with no graphic at all - at least it does on my PC, but in IE it’s rather classy (I think!). SO - add the IE Tab from Moailla add-ons if you like to read things that look nice - it also helps if the fonts are a bit small/large, which I have found them to be at times.

That’s it - off to church now.

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