Sunday, July 23, 2006

Simply Lovely Day.

Why can’t all days be like today? It’s been simply lovely :-) Not so roasting hot as to be unbearable either.

The day began with a leisurely get-ready for church (hence time to mini-blog this morning) and a jaunt to church with just the Jacob, Abbie and Caleb. The others went with P. earlier on the bikes. I was on crèche this morning, but that was fine as it was really just supervising the children playing because we are on ‘summer break’ in Sunday School too, so I just took them out to play in the garden (we use the premises of the nursery that is run on the college grounds).

After Church Jake went off to his friend D’s and then later (after a gorgeous chicken and salad lunch in the garden) my friend and I did a child swap. Abbie went to her’s to play with her eldest and her youngest (K) came here to play with P & E (K is 3.5, so right in between P & E). They had a lovely afternoon and although Joel was a bit bored (Dom’ is away so he couldn’t go there today) he did actually play nicely with the girls even though they are so young. It always amazes me how he can do that and if he is in the right frame of mind he is quite lovely with them. While the children played Paul & I chatted in the garden for about an hour about this and that, which was rather nice and doesn’t usually happen even on a Sunday. Then I hung out the washing, filled up the paddling pool and did a few chores, while P prepared for tonight’s service which he was leading. He then washed up the few dishes and I had a little snooze on the sofa. I wasn’t even really that aware of the children, who were all playing in the garden - in and out of the paddling pool and having a great time together.

Whilst Paul was out at the evening service Michelle bought Jacob home with D and his little sister A, who stayed to play for a bit in the garden. By now Abbie was home too, but K stayed for tea while her Mum went to back church, so now I had 9 children all playing in my garden!! It was a bit noisy, but they were all having fun together - particularly Joel as that was really the first time he had had anyone much to play with on his level for a couple of days, what with Jake being out all day yesterday too. It goes like that sometimes though. Other times it’s him that is consistently out and Jake that’s moaning he is bored at home. I did offer to play a game with Joel today, and suggested he got the Hama out, but he just wanted to hang about and moan I think - he was lucky I didn’t give him chores to do! Any other day than Sunday and I would have, but he got over it quickly enough and got on with playing, when he realised it wasn’t getting him anywhere, other than sent to bed!

Now it’s 9.30pm. The kids are all fast asleep. They have fallen asleep really fast tonight as they were all shattered from so much ‘nice’ playing I think. Jacob of course did spoil his day at bedtime and ended up with no PS2 time, or stories because, instead of simply getting ready for bed quickly when he was asked (which would have allowed him PS2 time) he stood and argued about it for about 5 minutes and then wasted time fooling around in his room with his brother, by which time it was time to hit the sack. Which he then had a tantrum about and lost his story too! But that’s him to a T - sadly!

Need to go get my washing in now and wash up a sink full of cups and glasses. Then chill out with Paul for the evening I think. :-)

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Jules said...

I agree with the hot but not "too hot" thing, these past couple of days have been just perfect for me. Not looking forward to the next heatwave though..