Thursday, July 06, 2006

Calling all Firefox users...

If you are having problems with any pages in firefox, or they are not displaying properly (as I have found they don't always) then the little IEtab extension is a real bonus! (if the link doesn't work I'm sure you firefox users know where to go for addons!)

Try looking at my test template 2 in firefox and it's pretty naf, but look at it through IE eyes and it's really quite nice.

Just a little tip!

Now on the which browser front...

My decision goes like this;
1. FIREFOX : I love all the little addons and the customizability of Firefox, BUT it loads up really slowly and can't handle some of the graphics on some websites. I'll keep it on the downstairs computer where that actually might be a good thing (with it being the kids pc). And I agree - it does have less pop-ups that IE, BUT with the new IE7 I don't seem to be getting too many anyway.

2 IE7 : the tabbed browsing is almost as good as FF. The pop-ups are definately less than in IE6, so I figure that means it's more secure. It can handle just about anything! Pants that you can't customize it quite so much, but it is very 'functional' as is. It also loads up faster. Another nice thing is that you can save a whole group of tabs in favourites folder and open them all at once (FF might have something similar?). It has a built in recover-tabs system too (which I know you can addin to FF because I have :-) ). It also can bookmark RSS feeds now too - which is great - now I understand what that is all about!

RESULT - I think IE7 gets it. Mostly because it is more universally functional, but do I really like FF too and I think prior to IE7 it would won the contest - it is heaps better than IE6!

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