Monday, July 10, 2006

Not so Happy Snappy Day!

What is it about PMT (at least I hope that’s what it is, because otherwise I’m just a plain old grumpy *****!) that makes me SO nasty. And I admit it I just plain nasty today. The kids did what they had to, but not as well as my perfectionism demanded and I was so mean to Boo as to remove leaves from her Tricky word tree when she couldn’t read them to me today, having always been able to in the past! Like how was that fair, I ask myself? I shall give her another shot tomorrow. She definitely had her knickers in a twist with some of her reading today – maybe it’s the muggy weather, or maybe she’s tuning into my cycle, but she was certainly foggy today! I’m just glad I didn’t get her to do anything to challenging!

Joel was a pain in the neck too. Dallying over everything. He did what he needed to – eventually, but SO slowly. How I’m ever going to get through that massive list I truly don’t know if Joel goes at snails pace and we have Tuesday mornings out because of the Spanish children being here – hmmm!

Thinking of that … what shall we do tomorrow..?

Joel swam really badly tonight too, which annoys me when I know he can swim pretty well when he concentrates and tries hard.

And Paul didn’t save me enough tea – our family polished off 5 chicken breasts and 6 drumsticks tonight and I only got one breast out of that, on a plate of spinach - so I’m a bit hungry too (they had rice)!

I’ve felt like pants all-day – for said reason I think, and tonight I can’t even watch TV because I can’t get the digital tuner to work up here on the PC in the study and Paul has someone with him downstairs. I’ve read a few blogs, but can’t be bothered (sorry folks) to read anymore.

So I’m blogged myself and now I’m going to bed I think. Tomorrow is another day – hopefully not like this one!


Katy said...

oh dear, hope today is better for you! Failing that chocolate normally helps ;)

Caroline said...

not so good for the diet though!