Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just Too hot and Too Busy!

It’s simply too hot to work, but we’ve too much to finish up to not work – which is what I’d really like to do. I think if Jake were not at school right now I’d be taking a mini-break and finishing up when the weather cools a little. But the summer is looking pretty busy so I can’t see us doing anything schooly much – other than that which just happens – over the break.

So today we did maths and English (the normals). I’ve realised that although Boo’s reading is really beginning to take off, her spelling of the words she can read is not keeping up. So I guess next year I shall really have to start targeting her spellings a little more. We’ve really not concentrated much on that this year and I can’t remember it really being an issue with the boys – it seemed to just happen naturally with reading for them. Abbie is different though; she is not a visual learner, so I think photographing words in her mind is not going to do it for her. I’m going to have to find an alternative path … summer homework for me then!!

Joel is whizzing through money maths – he completely get the decimal point thing and is having no trouble with it – plus for some reason the very fact that it’s money, not just random numbers, motivates him no end. I can’t see us actually finishing 2B in reality, although we have already done the fractions bit, but it might mean we start next year lightly with the fun bit of 2B – time, measurement, etc… which in some ways would be a nice ease into Yr3.

Did another little bit of ‘plants’ today – might just get that done in time ready for sticking over the hol’s. Sadly though our beans don’t seem to be doing anything (the seeds were a year old though), so it’s a bit more ‘theoretical’ than I had hoped. At least we can look at last years pics for reference though and say that we DID do it hands on first :-)

I’m going to blog some pics of what we’ve been up to, as the study is the hottest room in our house and I’m cooking here, so I want to finish up quickly. The pictures say it all really.

"I Can Do Anything" poems
(finished off yesterday).

This one is Joel's.

This one is Abbie's

Today's Hydrometer reading
Dry bulb reading 50C, 'dew point' reading 29C = 30% relative humidity (that' pretty dry) and I really had to struggle to find a table that had calculations up to 50C!

And we've done these too (thanks Merry).
This sparkly dog is Phoebe's work (note the multi-coloured spots!)

And this one is Joel's - made for his best mate (bless)!

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