Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Post Script...

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Writing “I am from…” has been very therapeutic, but I keep thinking of more ‘stuff’; more places I am from. There is SO much I could add still – and I might for my own purposes, but my blog stays as is. It’s fascinating what shapes us and what the pivotal points in our lives are. I’m sure we don’t realise their significance at the time – although I know I did deliberately choose some of these events as such. I think when I read mine it is pretty negative and doesn’t include much recent past (like the last 11 years), but in a sense that is not really where I am from, so much as where I AM right now! I know it’s turned out to be quite an epistle as it is, hence me leaving it alone now, but I’d like it to have included other events – birth of my first born and the impact of him on my life, being stranded on a mountain top in a hale storm at age 16 – alone! – homeschooling… there is so much, but I hope you enjoy what there is. I need to edit it – I’ve spotted a few typos, but it is readable and I have jobs to do, so I’ll try to get to it later :-)

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Katy said...

I did this a while ago
(http://twitteringon.byethost2.com/?p=237 ) and found it hugely therapeutic afterwards but difficult at the time. I too feel i should do another one though, a "since then" sort of thing