Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wasps (not Bees) & Wanders

Some of you may remember this;

well it now looks like this - look closely and you will see a wasp or two. It's like a big, white, beautiful ball ;

We took a little family jaunt after Paul got home today , to the 'oops-closed' PO for sweets!

So some of the team went on home whilst the rest of us went down to the brook.

My photo mission word for the day was 'gate' - you can see the shots I got HERE, but I also took some gorgeous ones down by the glistening brook. Boo did a spot of this;

While the boys built a dam in the very fast flowing stream. A few weeks ago they were paddling in there quite happily, but not today: it was too deep and too fast! E in fact had run down the bank in eagerness to paddle, slipped and landed on her bum in it. I was glad she hadn't fallen right in as she at all can't swim yet and I I'd have been jumping in after her! It did make her grizzle though as she was thoroughly wet - poor love!
Got home about 7 to find P had left the key with me and couldn't get in (silly nit)! Eventually ate what should have been a lovely tex-mex chickeny thing, only the rice tasted like mud and P & I just couldn't eat it at all! Not sure what the problem, but hope it was nothing major because a lot of the kids had mixed it with the sauce and eaten it!
I think P actually has some free time tomorrow - now there's a novelty - best make sure I don't spend all day on here!! ;D


CHEERpy TALK said...

Those r wonderful pics...also thanks for ur comments on my blog.

Michelle said...

Hello! I have read back to beginning of May and now feel as exhausted as anything - feeling that I've just gone through all those ups and downs in 30 minutes!

I'm reading blogs til dusk when I have to climb a very long ladder to the eaves of the house and sadly spray powder to hopefully kill a wasps nest. I was trying live and let live but they are in the house all the time in the bedroom now - with the windows permanently shut so I think it's only a matter of time before someone gets stung.

Your new situation looks absolutely fabulous. Am very envious!

Melissa said...

Great pictures! Family walks are the best! It looks like you live in a beautiful spot.

Thanks for visiting our blog and taking the time to leave a comment! I really love hearing from those who come by!

I hope you're having a great week!