Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Did I mention that we are taking a summer break and not 'doing' school atm? It seems my tots have other plans...

I just bought a bunch of new pegs (including these 'posh pegs') to make something schooly for NJ, but I haven't got to it yet as they only arrived today - seems he's read my mind and beaten me to it!! He could only just manage the squeezy pegs (sometimes with two hands) but he did do a few which I was pleased about :D They both enjoyed their game for a about 15 minutes and then just tossed all the pegs back in the bucket and went off to play somewhere else - but there was NO MESS and everything was thrown in an appropriate place - yeah!!

Tonight I've been out for a meal (eat all you can Chinese) with some girly-friends and had a really lovely, fun evening. Sadly it was all in aid of yet another "goodbye!", as yet another of our friends connected with the College moves away :( It's been a really tough few months with SO many goodbyes. It's more difficult some years than others, depending on relationships we've formed, but this year has been especially hard with the whole college up and leaving and taking so many of our friends along with it - and many of those that haven't gone to Malvern have moved on anyway, as is the case with our friends tonight who are moving to plant a church in the North East - I will miss them and their beautiful baby girl :(

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