Saturday, July 04, 2009

Just TOO Hard…

This evening we had our first guests over for a meal, but it was a farewell meal for our close friends H&G. That’s H that is always there when I need her, who my children adore as their adopted granny and would gladly be with anytime, H whose house has been like our second home these last seven years, H whose door is always open, H who has been my ‘titus women’ and whose wisdom and love I shall sorely miss. G whose gentleness of spirit reaching down and reads you like a book! G whose hospitality (alongside H) knows no bounds, G who nothing is too much trouble for, G who loves you with his eyes! And their daughter E - funny, quiet, thoughtful, arty, loving - and my babysitter! This family leave a hole in our lives and I am sad that they are leaving :( When they drove away tonight I went inside and sobbed. The children saw, but I couldn’t hold back the tears, not even for them - and I can’t now either. Me and goodbyes have never been good with each other! I know we will see them from time to time as they have a good many strong ties in this town, but somehow it just wont be the same here without them. We have inherited their huge dining table and it will be an honour, a challenge to me and a legacy to them, to use it to feed as many guests around it as they have over the years. It will remind me of them daily and of it I am glad. I didn’t want them to leave - I still don’t but they have and I must get used to the idea :( ! I know they have work to do where they are going, and I pray God will show them what that is as soon as, and as they move on with God this will be their next level of ministry - whatever they do , I know God will be blessed by them and they will be blessed by Him also.

Goodbye H&G (&E) - see you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Sad that your close friends are going, but you'll see them from time to time. and there might be someone who is already in your life coming closer which you probably will cherish the same way. Just put everything in God's hands and everybody will be fine.