Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just Ticking along...

Not much to blog really... life has just been ticking along since the weekend. The girls made scones today :D Tomorrow was supposed to be our last day of school before the summer, but I had a phone call from a friend today to say they are back in the country for 5 weeks and could the girls come to play tomorrow. Of course I was not going to say no to that, so it turns out school finished today!! I'll mow the lawn, catch up on the washing after all the rain these last few days and maybe clean some of the windows tomorrow instead ;-) That should keep me busy and if I don't get it all done I will have something to do on Friday!!

The Tot-Trays seem to be working fairly well for NJ and intermittently through the day he comes and ask to do something on there which is nice. Then some of the time he tries to join in with C & E (who work together a fair amount, at least at the same kind of activity) and a lot of the time he just pootles about making messes here there and everywhere! I'm looking forward to having a few weeks when I can spend a bit more concentrated time on him - I want the other children to get used to that idea a little!

This evening, while the jacket-spuds were in the oven, P went outside to sit in the garden and read his paper under a parasol. Would the smalls leave him be ... you must be joking! But it made from some pretty pictures as they all messed about under the parasol ;-) Then NJ enjoyed about half an hour messing with the rain water that had accumulated in the 'not-in-use' paddling pool (a bit ewwww, but he was quiet so I was able to get a bit of hoovering done inside :D )

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