Thursday, July 02, 2009

Lazy day...!

Decided that it was too hot today and I was just too tired to fill boxes last night, so in the end the kids filled their own this morning with whatever 10-12 activities they chose! I know that is seriously not the way it is supposed to be done, but Thursday is our non-book day and at least this way they have had some structure to their day - and they have been able to feel like they have achieved something! The little ones (E, C & N) have muddled in with what the others have been doing and it's worked fairly well considering I have cossetted myself away in the study (which tbh is so close to the school room that it can be considered not that detatched really) catching up on my 365 a bit more! It's been just about every 3 minutes that one or other of them has come to me with a "Muuuuummm" but that's not been so bad without the pressure of having to be with any one of them at any point. Now two bigs have gone out to practice a puppet show for the Nantwich Family Fun Day and C is 'running' (crazy boy - too hot for that) on the Wii. Nearly time for tidy up - might wait till it's just a little cooler before I tackle todays big job of mopping floors ;)

Boo did manage to make this today and when I asked her how the seats rise, she said "it goes so fast and the pressure pushes them up." - pretty good conclusion then :D Not-bad for un-schooling ;)

And then the day was topped off with this (making use of borrowed equipment!);

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