Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Seriously Cool School!!

All is going well with our new system so far :) Boo tells me it is like having non-book day every day and even J1 is almost finished by Lunch time. He took one look in his box today and said "looks like an exciting day...a couple of not so good things, but good in all." so that is praise indeed of the system to hear positive stuff coming from him! J2 is doing as he always does and finishing before everyone else, but I can't doubt the quantity of work he does because he has to do what I set out for him! Boo is loving it and often carries on finding things to do even after she has 'clocked out' and Beefie is doing well with it too, keeping going and getting finished every day. She is finding the typing a little difficult I think (and is very slow), but that just gets easier with practice doesn't it :D Belle is managing to stay the course of her 10 activities (which is more than she has EVER done before) and even Bleb is (C) is pretty much getting the hang of working with us until his box is empty :D I am definitely less stressed with them only doing 10-a-day and so are they. It IS a lot of effort to get organised with the planning at the weekend for the full week and then the replenishing of the boxes each night is tiring, but I think once I get more in the swing of it all it will definitely be hugely worth it!

SO today, despite my trays for Natty only still being on order, I did manage to set up a little bit of TOT-SCHOOL and here's what he did :D

Of course the others could not resist joining in, but he was not complaining - he likes to work with the others and it made him feel that what he was doing 'must' be fun if the others wanted to too ;) The spaghetti posting didn't last long, he decided it was much more fun to break it into tiny pieces and throw it around! The bead threading he kept going back to over and over all day - I lost count the number of times I gathered those beads together again! The misfit monsters he enjoyed, but in reality that was something for Bleb and he didn't really get it. The magnetic 'pictures' again he revisited all day. So all in all a successful day. I have additional fun stuff lined up for tomorrow ;) He may not have had a great deal more attention from me today but he was certainly a lot more positively stimulated than he has been of late.

And lastly - for my nice regular readers who know my older three children, they have each set up a blog. If you want to comment you have to be invited, so if you want to do so, just give me a shout and I will invite you - they would love visitors of course, but I want to monitor it closely.

Their blog addresses are;

Another activity I tried for the first time today was to try and alleviate some of the stress of writing that Beefie exhibits. I wanted her to write some 'news' but knew she would struggle with it, so I decided to do something new :D I took her somewhere quiet (yes, that can be done in this house) and got her to record onto my phone what she wanted to say - warning her first that she was going have to write it all down, so probably best to try not to say too much! She did it - once she got past the giggles ;) - and then went on to produce a good (for her standard) piece of writing with no fuss whatsoever :D - Big Hit! Will do that again! Here's what she looked like whilst writing up - how sweet does she look ;) -


emma said...

Sounds like the workboxes are going down well. I've been looking for a new approach for Josh so will give them a try.

Thanks for reminding me about them.

Anonymous said...

I would love to follow your children's blogs too.

Elaine said...

I'd love to follow your childen's blogs as well if that's OK.

Pleased the work boxes are doing well - sounds like the children are loving them.

Elaine said...

my email is ellie (dot) kamm (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk.