Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I have a friend who's little boy of 5 is in a critical condition. They live in the countryside and about a week ago the children were out playing. They went near a field they had been told not to go near and the little lad had a farm gate fall on him. The little girl ran back to get my friend (Mum), who fortunately had another friend with her at the time who is a Dr, but when they got to the lad he was not breathing and had no heartbeat. They did resuscitate him, but he is now on life support and are not sure if he is going to live. The Dr's are saying that if he does live he will have severe brain damage and the information (not 1st hand) I received tonight said that an MRI scan has showed little or no brain activity.

We are praying for a miracle here - please join me. I have not used names here as I have not actually spoken to the little lad's mum myself (this is news through another closer friend) to get her OK. For now just pray for 'River' and pray for his life!!

Thankyou - and spread the word to pray - the more that do the better. Let's nag God to let this little man live and live in abundance. That see those Dr's agast by our miracle :D

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