Friday, July 10, 2009

No School - Really?

As most of you know we don't do school on Fridays - well not 'real' school, but today was gardening day and JIH was a brilliant helper as after my 1 1/2 mowing the back, he then came and really got stuck into weeding the front with me. This did, at one point, involving disturbing a very sizeable ants nest and the appearance of several earwigs. JAH thought the earwigs were in for a feast - and I think they thought they were too - but to our surprise it turned out the other way round and the children (several of them by this point) stood and witnessed a positive army of ants gang up on one earwig and slowly kill it. It was really quite astonishing to watch (albeit a little gruesome and creepy), but really quite difficult to photograph! Click the photo to see it bigger. A valuable lesson learnt in science and nature studies - and without me even having to try ;-)

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