Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Goodness gets Better..

and Better...

The fantastic-ness of this house keeps increasing...we have now discovered we have fruit trees - fully established and flourishing - plums (three trees I think) and in the adjoining, rather neglected field full of ferns, which we permission to access (and where the kids have built their 'den'), a HUGE pear tree! There is another one there too that looks like it could be currants of some kind, although there is no evidence of fruit on that yet, it's just that the leaves look familiar. Then of course there are blackberries in abundance all up and down the lane - and a huge bramble in the 'den field' which no-one else will be picking from :D
JI said to me the other day, having been the one who least liked it here initially, "this house is awesome. I love living here. We have everything we could ever want!" And he's right - we do!!

I'm not feeling too good today. I have a raving sore throat and I woke up with excruciating back ache. I don't know how, but I've definitely pulled a muscle :( So I've crawled back to bed and am trying not too move to much. Stationary typing on here is fine, but movement is not very enjoyable at all! The kids are being great. JI made noddles for everyone and now they are all playing. NJ is lying next to me kicking me and the laptop intermittently just to make sure I don't forget he's there! I'm hoping he will nod off in a minute - he often does this time of day. It's so nice to be on my normal bed (not loft-bed), in my normal room (not shared with the study), hearing to my children playing happy games around the rest of the house and have my 2yo dozing off beside me. Even if I'm not feeling great, life feels like it is just how it should be right now :D

No pictures to post today. I've just been doing some sorting out these last couple of days (probably how I've hurt my back) and there was not much to shoot.


Anonymous said...

Hope your back and throat are better nowxx

Michelle said...

Warm bath, warm hotwater bottle, tens machine or anti inflammatories - my order of things to try when my back is bad. Take care of it.