Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunshine and Flowers...

It's been so beautiful here today, but we had no plans, so I scheduled the dusting for 4 O'clock and had fun the rest of the day. The kids had spent some time on the computers before lunchtime came round, so that was their lot for the day, meaning they had to find other forms of amusement for the rest of it! I asked the girls to don their newly inherited beanies and pose for some photos for me - which they willingly did. I'll not post the pics here, but you can see them on my 365 and from the link on the slideshow. Once outside they stayed there for a while, playing in the pop-up tents. I captured butterflies and grass hoppers :D After lunch JI, Boo and Beefy decided to head on down to the brook (JA stayed to put his photos on iheartfaces, but I think he wished he'd gone later on). They took down JI's body board to float downstream on. They had a ball by the sounds of things and, whereas the brook had been extremely cold the other day, today it was apparently 'perfect' - but they were playing in the shallows, rather than the significantly deeper bit that JI fell into the other day (fully clothed!!).
When they came home they were hot and thirsty so tucked into bowls/cones of ice-cream (so nice now they can help themselves to those kinds of things) and chilled out in front of the TV for a bit.
All in all it has been a lovely day. I'm hoping to be able to take the little ones down to the brook tomorrow if the weather is nice. If you are wondering why we didn't all go today - NJ crashed out on the sofa mid morning while I was hanging the washing out and when he does that I do NOT disturb him else he is foul for the rest of the day, plus I'd far rather he napped in the morning than just before teatime, which is his other choice of time! Paul finishes earlier tomorrow, so I'm hoping we can go paddle en-masse!

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