Saturday, August 08, 2009

Just For Michelle...!

These were all taken my last week of school (age 16) - 21 years ago! The last one was at our leavers party - on the Gosport Ferry!!.

So now you see - you can all have a giggle at my expense now too :D. I was not one for fashion. I very much did my own thing. Everyone had nice bags that night, but I hated them, so I took my carrier bag and wore my tatty old grey coat - thankfully I left the ridiculous bow out of my hair though for the occasion!!
One thing though - I wish I was that slim again! I thought I was fat at the time!!
You know though, the really odd thing to think about this, is that it was only 3 years after this that I met Paul and only 4 years later we were engaged! We will have been together 18 years this November - that's more than half my life time :D

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Michelle said...

Well, I don't think it's as funny as me! Enjoyed seeing them - thanks for digging them out. What was it with bows though? I had clips with big bows on too. But when I was about 13 I think.