Saturday, September 05, 2009

We’re Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

It’s been a fabulous day. Colchester Zoo really is hard to beat! It has the most beautiful enclosures for the animals and is just about doable (at surface level) in a day. The children had a marvellous day, made especially lovely for the girls by the addition of Richard (Boo’s Godfather, who she and Phoebe adore!). Richard is a good friend, but also a stunning photographer and very kindly he brought along not only his Nikon D700 (for his own use, but also his D80 for me to shoot with all day. It was lovely, but very different! The lack of a telephoto lens was a tad annoying as it meant I couldn’t zoom much. Ordinarily this might not be so much of a problem, but it’s hard to get up close in a zoo!! That said as it shoots at 10mp I’m sure I can crop up to some good pictures :D He’s going to put them all on disk for me - I took LOADS - and I get to see them tomorrow night - can’t wait! It was lovely for JA too because it meant he got to shoot with my S3 for most of the day and JI got to use the A1000, which sadly ran out of memory space because Jake hadn’t wiped it clean before he started!! Need to do that in a min though so the boys have a camera tomorrow. It was odd though shooting on a Nikon having used a Canon for a while now - I need to get my hands on a Canon now to see which I prefer. There were things about the Nikon I didn’t like - like the silly dials, the tiny display of settings in the window and the lack of live-view (which I am so used to it is really hard to be without), but I might not like a DSLR Canon any better, so I need to have a play to compare. The picture quality though was awesome! I really couldn’t shoot out of Aperture/Shutter Speed mode though due to the lack of live-view. I could put it in manual, but it would take me so long to set up each shot I would miss so many - I just didn’t know the camera well enough. With practice it might be doable, but it would take some learning! I had fun though - double fun today :D !!

Once we were done at the zoo - closing time - we headed off to the Beefeater for tea and it was a very enjoyable tea and though it cost a lot, it was not over-priced and the children’s meal were generous and delicious - as were ours :D We came a way very satisfied.
So happy, full, tired children - guess what they are all doing now!!
I’m liking this camping business very much - here’s to many happy family holidays yet to come :D

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