Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Names..

After some deliberation, and discussion with the sproglets, I have decided on some new pseudonyms. I think the ones I have been using are too complicated because I am not consistent and it's hard enough keeping track of 7, but when that turns into about 21 terms - well I guess it's just impossible!!
So from here on in I will be CONSISTENTLY using these across the blogoshpere :D :-

Jacob/Jake/J1/JA - will now be Bugs
Joel/J2/JI - will now be Taz
Abigail/Abbie/Boo/Babsi/ARH - will now be Minnie
Phoebe/Beefie - will now be Tweetie/TweetiePie
Elisheva/Ellie/Belle - will now be Lilo
Caleb/Bleb/CT - will now be DD (Donald Duck)
Nathanael/Nat/NJ - Stitch

Hope you can keep up with the new names OK - we think they suite characteristics of each child - and they like them so it works for us :D

More news later!

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