Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweet September Days

These last few days have been dry and warm, but today was warm and sunny. I'm not sure how many more days like this we have left this year - the swallows are gone and the windows are closed at night, the nights are closing in and there is a definite damp  chill in the air after the sun goes down, moreover, the trees that I see from my bedroom window every morning are turning colour - those glorious autumn colours are on their way (and I am really looking forward to seeing them), but today it was lovely to have the kids playing in the garden again for happy hour after happy hour in the warm Septemeber sun. I just love living here - have I said that before? - well, I suspect I will say it again and I make no apologies for it!! They played so happily I forgot to remind them to finish off a couple of bits work they had to do - oh well, plenty of rainy, winter days ahead to work in I guess!

Oh - Beefie & JI also made these this morning (yummy!)...

and Paul almost finished off this...

PS - I have to give photo credit to JA for the football the sunlit-dolls (he's getting a bit good!!)

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