Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let's Hope Tomorrow Is Better...

...than today! It's been one of those disastrous days when you are waiting to see what will go wrong next: I started my monthly (grump), I was on crèche at church for second week running - standing in - and could have done without it today, especially when a little boy who was there for the first-time didn't quite make it to the loo in time and soaked himself and the floor, but of course the bathroom was out of hand towels and almost out of toilet paper...and I was really in a quandary what to do with one soggy boy. Took said soggy boy back to crèche room still in wet pants (well what could I do?) and collected Mum, who came to sort him out, but typically the baby box was out of wet-wipes and my changing bag had got left in church (rrrrah). Thankfully he & his Mum were very chilled about the whole thing and he was happy to wear dressing-up trousers for the rest of the session! Thankfully also, Mum had been staying at her sister's and had spare clothes in the car (phew!). Rest of creche went well.
After, during coffee, I successfully knocked over not one, but TWO cups of coffee - and not at the same time. I was beginning to wonder if it was just not my day and then...
...on the way out of church, as always we were last to leave (despite having invited friends for a late lunch) and, being as the car park was now empty, Paul swung the car around (rather fast) in reverse to turn out and SMACK!! What had he hit? A steel basketball post!! Some quite serious damage to the back on the driver side :( Bumper pretty much wrecked - and bent upward so we can't get the boot open, bottom of door (which is up and over boot door) smashed significantly, now showing through all the crumbling rust that had been hiding under the paintwork, lights casing smashed (although lights working thankfully), looks like the actual rear side of the bus has buckled in the impact (under the window) and there is possible structural damage underneath as it's all nudged up to the shock absorbers - but to crown it all most of the worst damage is exactly where we just spent £400 getting a big 'whole-day's-work' welding job done to get it through MOT, and now all that might need completely replacing anyway! It's amazing how much damage one momentary lack of concentration and a rouge steel post can do :( We are not sure of the cost implications yet, but if the structural damage is significant enough, it might be a right off financially - just when we got running OK! Our other option (if we can figure out a way into the boot) is to make it road worthy, and drive it battered - at least for the year (having just done MOT on it) and try to save for a new one, but that will not be easy at all :(. If we do that we are not sure whether we would get any insurance money - if we don't do that we are not sure that the insurance money (should we get any) will be enough towards a replacement either. Tough one. And to top it all - Joel was feeling sick when he went to bed. He was the only one who said it hurt his neck a little - so we are praying there is no whiplash there for him and that he just needed to sleep.
Ok so, now thoroughly cheesed off we came home, praying to still find the house standing - which it was :D We ignored the car (to stressful to worriy about) and set to sorting out dinner, whereupon our guests arrived. Minutes after they did so, Paul dropped a large portion of the chicken roast on the floor - right in front of them!! Thankfully I had washed the floor yesterday and they are VERY laid back people!..
...Sat down to dinner - only for Paul to knock his glass of Coke flying!
Later on JA dropped an old torch of Paul's and now it doesn't work - hope it's just the bulb he's broken, but Paul is not best pleased!!

Not sure today could have got much worse, but hopefully that means it can only get better tomorrow :D


Sheri said...

Uh, what is a "boot door"? Not a term we use in the US for any car parts that I am aware of. I had to look up what a creche is. My I am increasing my vocab by reading your blog. Sorry to hear your day was from from stellar. Had a few of those myself! Here is to a better week for all of you! :o)

Rachel said...

oh my! sounds like a good day to start over! hope today was much better!