Friday, September 04, 2009

We’re all going on a Summer Holiday….

We travelled down to Colchester yesterday. By the time we got away it was nearly 11am so it was about 5 when we arrived (stopped for lunch of mega KFC en-route of course), via Tesco for supplies and then down to the campsite - Fen Farm in East Mersea. The site is lovely - clean, flat, near the beach and good facilities. We decided on a pitch beside the play area where we can watch the little ones from the tent - very handy! It was rather windy (though dry and warm(ish)) and the ground proved to be a little tough to sink pegs into and by the time we were all guyed down it was past 8 O’clock! J1 had already been down to the beach to take photos of the sunset  and the children had played happily in the park, but were flagging by then and it was getting cold. We fed the kids some late tea, hauled in the cases, mats and sleeping bags and quickly tucked them up :D They were asleep in no time!
By 6 this morning J&J were chatting and woke Paul; I. We got them whispering , but I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up and threw on my clothes and headed off to the beach for pictures of the sunrise - followed closely by the boys and I think Jake might have got some better shots than me in the end as they stayed down and walked on further whilst I came back to start toast and coffee - which by the time I got back Paul was already in the throws of starting :D

Once we were all sorted we headed off into Colchester for the day to meet up with old friends. As always when you do that the day never goes exactly to plan - but it almost did and none-the-less was great fun. We went to Go Bananas play centre first where they all had a great time and got thoroughly hot and thirsty. Then we went up to the park for a picnic and and more running around with yet another friend (all three friends are sisters) and her sister-in-law, so by this time we were 6 adults, 20 kids!!! But they were lovely together and played beautifully. Ages 14,12,10,9,9(twins),8,8,8,7,7,6,5,5,5,4,4,2,2,18months, 9 months, - they were awesome - and all home educated too (hence not being in school today now that they have nearly all gone back)!

Our intention was to go swimming as a family after that, but we never made it -we went back to their mums for a coffee - for at least 3 hours! I even got to play with Richard’s (also friend) proper DSLR - Nikon D700 - nice!! Very heavy, but makes me a bit covetous!! One day..!
So by then the kids were too wiped for swimming, so MD’s for tea, back to the tent and straight to bed - asleep by 9pm :D
Tomorrow we have a big Zoo trip planned and am really looking forward to it. Right now it’s getting cooler, so I’m heading for my sleeping bag and a good nights rest!
BTW- have I mentioned how much I LOVE our tent? It really is fantastic! And as an added bedroom we have bought an Outwell S Pitch (2 man ) and the boys are in that inside the porch area - perfect. That too is an awesome little ‘quick pitch’ and will serve us well, as the kids grow older I think.

More tomorrow…

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